Aerial Equipment Repair in Riverside, CA

Are you struggling with malfunctioning aerial equipment? At Fleetworks Inc., located in the heart of Riverside, CA, we specialize in keeping your aerial equipment at peak performance.

Signs Your Aerial Equipment Needs Repairs

1. Unusual Noises: Hearing strange noises from your equipment is a clear signal that something isn't right. Grinding or screeching sounds can indicate issues with bearings or other moving parts.

2. Hydraulic Problems: Difficulty with hydraulic movements, such as jerky or slow operation, often points to hydraulic fluid leaks or pump malfunctions.

3. Electrical Issues: Frequent electrical faults or inconsistent power supply on your aerial platforms could suggest problems with the electrical system, requiring immediate attention.

4. Wear and Tear: Excessive wear, such as frayed cables or damaged sheaves, compromises safety and efficiency. Regular inspections can catch these issues early.

5. Engine Trouble: If your equipment's engine is struggling to start or showing reduced power output, it's a sign that the engine needs servicing or repair.

What Types of Aerial Equipment Can We Repair?

At Fleetworks Inc., we pride ourselves on our versatile repair capabilities. Our expertise extends to a wide range of aerial equipment, including:

1. Boom Lifts: Essential for vertical and horizontal reach, boom lifts require precise mechanical and hydraulic maintenance.

2. Scissor Lifts: Known for their stability, scissor lifts need regular checks on their lifting mechanism to ensure safety.

3. Cherry Pickers: These versatile units demand specialized attention to their hydraulic systems and articulating arms.

4. Telehandlers: For these multi-purpose machines, we focus on their telescopic boom and often complex hydraulic systems.

5. Articulated Platforms: These require detailed attention to their jointed sections and electrical systems for smooth operation.

Aerial Work Platform Repair in Riverside, CA

In Riverside, CA, Fleetworks Inc. stands out for our comprehensive approach to aerial work platform repairs. We understand that every part of your equipment, from the smallest bolt to the major hydraulic systems, plays a crucial role in your project's success.

Trust Fleetworks Inc. for reliable service and peace of mind. Get in touch now!

Areas We Also Serve For Aerial Equipment Repairs in California 

We proudly bring our aerial equipment repair service to the following areas:

Riverside Location

Moreno Valley, CA; Murrieta, CA; Temecula, CA; Indio, CA; Hemet, CA; Perris, CA; Cathedral City, CA; Palm Desert, CA; Palm Springs, CA; and Coachella, CA.