Skid Steer Repair in Riverside, CA

If you're noticing any issues with your skid steer in Riverside, CA, it's crucial to address them promptly with specialized care and maintenance. At Fleetworks Inc., we offer comprehensive skid steer repair services, ensuring your heavy-duty equipment operates efficiently and safely.

Signs Your Skid Steer Needs Repairs

1. Hydraulic Issues: One of the first signs of a skid steer in need of repair is trouble with the hydraulic system. This might manifest as slow or jerky movements, leaks, or a total failure of the hydraulic arms. Hydraulic problems can stem from a variety of issues, including worn seals, damaged hoses, or pump failures.

2. Unusual Noises: If your skid steer starts making unusual sounds like grinding, whining, or clunking, it's a clear indicator that something's amiss. These noises could point to problems with the engine, transmission, or other mechanical components.

3. Engine Performance Issues: Difficulty starting the engine, frequent stalling, or a noticeable drop in power output are serious signs that your skid steer needs attention. These could be due to a range of issues, from fuel system problems to air intake issues or even engine wear.

4. Overheating: Skid steers can overheat due to a variety of reasons, including a malfunctioning cooling system or a clogged radiator. Ignoring overheating can lead to significant engine damage.

5. Tire or Track Wear: Uneven or excessive wear on tires or tracks can affect the skid steer's performance and safety. This might indicate alignment issues or a need for suspension repair.

What Repairs Can We Carry Out?

1. Hydraulic Repairs: We handle all aspects of hydraulic system repair, from hose replacement to seal repairs and hydraulic fluid replenishment.

2. Engine Repairs: Whether it’s rebuilding engines or fixing common problems like fuel injection issues, we've got you covered.

3. Transmission and Drive Train Repairs: We specialize in repairing and maintaining transmissions and drive trains to ensure smooth operation.

4. Cooling System Repairs: Our team can efficiently diagnose and fix cooling system issues, preventing overheating and engine damage.

5. Undercarriage and Track Repairs: From track replacement to undercarriage maintenance, we ensure your skid steer is stable and safe.

Skid Loader Repair in Riverside, CA

At Fleetworks Inc., we understand the importance of keeping your skid steer in top condition. Our team of expert technicians in Riverside, CA, is equipped to handle all types of skid steer repairs, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly and reliably. We’re here to get your equipment back to peak performance!

Areas We Also Serve For Skid Steer Repairs in California 

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